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Sustainable gifts for in a Christmas package or self-made concept or as a business gift. Gifts With Impact sees the demand for sustainable products, products with a story increase and would like to offer a platform for our suppliers and offer this to the Promotional Industry.

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Our story

Gifts with Impact was born from our personal goals to make the world a little more beautiful and to create an impact. No adding clutter, but offering products that add value. In addition, we would like to tell the story of our suppliers, so that it ultimately reaches the consumer through the business column.

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We stand for

Our gifts
& their story

The demand for sustainable and socially responsible gifts is increasing. We notice this because there is a great demand in tenders and requests from our customers. Business and government are starting to see the need for green products. It must be different.

We want to respond to this by offering products from suppliers who work with people who are at a distance from the labor market, helping to combat poverty, ensuring that children can go back to school and reusing products or telling a story. This means that impact first is high at our suppliers. That more attention and care is paid to the product and that products are handmade.

The suppliers with whom we work are certainly professional companies that perform their trade with care and attention. Their story is clear, honest and transparent.


i-did makes interior acoustic products, bags and accessories from recycled felt. Felt made from discarded industrial clothing and textiles. Old KLM uniforms become clear blue felt. Old hospital clothing becomes white felt with a pastel touch. And this way downgraded Efteling clothing becomes fairy-like blue felt.

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The mission of Ecowings is to protect nature and animals. Ecowings does this by removing the inner tubes of trucks from the waste stream of India and giving them a second life. This means they are not burned and CO2 emissions are reduced. In addition, with the upcycling of rubber, Ecowings shows that recycled rubber is a great alternative to leather and other animal skins.

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Dille & Kamille

Dille & Kamille strives to act as much as possible with respect and care for the environment. Not because it is comfortable in the mouth these days, but because they believe in it. The design and maintenance of the stores is done according to ecological principles as much as possible: we use natural gypsum, natural insulation, ecological paint and energy-saving lamps, and we opt for natural soaps and oils for the care of the interior.

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Marie-Stella-Maris is a Dutch lifestyle brand that is convinced that everyone in the world should have access to clean drinking water. With the sale of natural care products and natural mineral water, they are committed to making a contribution.

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From Waste to Wonderful! RESCUED noticed that there is a lot of residual material that they think is too useful or beautiful to be thrown away. They transform waste materials into new items, with attention to detail and a natural feel for interior design.

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V. at the City

V. at the City ( is a social enterprise, a design agency & studio specialized in sustainable production of Amsterdam-inspired souvenirs, interior and gift items.

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Return to Sender

The handmade products from Return to Sender are original gifts that give something back. You give yourself a wonderful gift while you give the makers a better future. Made with love and attention.

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Bo Weevil

Bo Weevil has been at the basis of organically certified cotton and has therefore made an important contribution to a more sustainable world. Now, almost 30 years later, we continue to do this by making high-quality organic cotton available more easily. Accessible, contemporary and affordable.

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