Ecowings objectives:

– Improve our lifestyle through green products

– Promoting reuse

– Creating fair business opportunities

– Helping the artisans and rural communities

– Inspiring the young generation through green innovation

– Spreading green awareness

– Protection of animals and nature

social impact

Ecowings has the ambition to provide employment for the economically vulnerable of the local rural population around Indore (India) and to help develop their skills. They teach them practical and social skills and show them how they have a positive environmental impact through upcycling. Their positive contribution gradually leads to a change in their lives, making them feel more satisfied and gain self-confidence.

They are proud that they have inspired a number of rural families and developed their skills in recent years. Thanks to their craftsmanship and commitment, Ecowings is able to turn its goal into reality and we can achieve growth. They are very involved with their workmen and consider them our family. They respect their cultural values ​​and traditions and align their work tasks with their skills and knowledge.

We deliver a line of products from ringnotes to laptop bags made from recycled car tires.