i-did guides people to work. People who have been in social assistance for a long time. Or have never been out of assistance. These are the participants they help develop through coaching and guidance in the workplace. They make interior acoustic products, bags and accessories from recycled felt.

They make the difference by letting the participants experience how fun work can be. Everyone’s talent is being rediscovered, further developed and strengthened. The outflow coach then helps in the active search and mediation for a first job. And so almost 70% of their participants now move on to long-term work.

It is and remains a recycled product, so no batch of felt is exactly the same and sometimes also goes on = on. So even if you have the sample set, you may have a felt color in mind that they no longer have. But it can also be that they have a beautiful new color that you don’t know about yet! Therefore always ask what is in stock.

The industry makes devalued textile cleaning rags, insulation material for the car industry and moving blankets. But i-did thought that this could be done differently and in 2014 we developed our design felt. Everyone in the chain declared i-did crazy. How can you create a valuable design product from discarded clothing?


The vast majority of the felt is recycled (corporate) textile, mixed with recycled flinters from PET bottles. To make it a sturdy felt, unfortunately, two virgin materials still need to be used. There is a spunbond (a wafer-thin layer of polyester fabric) under the felt that they need to “needle up” the felt and a small percentage of melting fibers is added to better bind the felt. Of course, they keep a close eye on developments and they switch to other, more sustainable materials as quickly as possible. But for that you simply need a larger scale.

We offer a range of products from i-did. From laptop covers to beautiful XL shoppers.
Made from discarded textile.