Return to Sender

Katja Schuurman started in 2006 Return to Sender, which sells handmade products from the poorest regions of the world. This sustainable brand has the mission to fight poverty. They do this by stimulating the local economy. “We believe that fair trade is the engine for economic development.”

Return to Sender strives to make a sustainable contribution as an honest design label.

1. by creating employment for the makers with fair wages, working hours and contracts;
2. to enable the makers to develop more skills related to their work;
3. offer training for future makers; the new generation of young women get a chance to get a job by attending vocational training. Return to Sender does this in collaboration with Plan Nederland.

With this collaboration, Return to Sender not only combats poverty by generating work, but also by giving the new generation a chance to get a job. We hereby enter into long-term relationships with our producers. The majority of the profit goes back to the “Senders” regions.

We deliver a gift card.